Primary Passenger Airports

Airport Code City Airport Name IATA Code ICAO Code
ABZ Aberdeen Dyce Airport ABZ EGPD
BHX Birmingham Birmingham International Airport BHX EGBB
BRS Bristol Bristol Airport BRS EGGD
EDI Edinburgh Edinburgh Airport EDI EGPH
GCI Guernsey Guernsey Airport GCI EGJB
GLA Glasgow Glasgow International Airport GLA EGPF
JER Jersey Jersey Airport JER EGJJ
LBA Leeds Leeds/Bradford Airport LBA EGNM
LCY London London City Airport LCY EGLC
LGW London London Gatwick Airport LGW EGKK
LHR London London Heathrow Airport LHR EGLL
LPL Liverpool Liverpool John Lennon Airport LPL EGGP
LTN London London Luton Airport LTN EGGW
MAN Manchester Manchester Airport MAN EGCC
NCL Newcastle Newcastle Airport NCL EGNT
SOU Southampton Southampton Airport SOU EGHI
STN London Stansted Airport STN EGSS

Small Passenger Airports

Airport Code City Airport Name IATA Code ICAO Code
ACI Alderney Alderney Airport ACI EGJA
BBS Blackbush Blackbush Airport BBS EGLK
BEB Benbecula Benbecula Airport BEB EGPL
BFS Belfast Belfast International Airport BFS EGAA
BHD Belfast Belfast City Airport BHD EGAC
BLK Blackpool Blackpool Airport BLK EGNH
BOH Bournemouth Bournemouth Airport BOH EGHH
BRR Barra North Bay Airport BRR EGPR
BZZ Brize Norton RAF Brize Norton BZZ EGVN
CAL Campbeltown Machrihanish Airport CAL EGEC
CBG Cambridge Cambridge Airport CBG EGSC
CEG Chester Chester Airport CEG
CWL Cardiff Cardiff-Wales Airport CWL EGFF
DND Dundee Dundee Airport DND EGPN
DSA Doncaster Doncaster Sheffield Airport DSA
EMA Leicestershire East Midlands Airport EMA EGNX
EOI Eday Eday Airport EOI
EXT Exeter Exeter Airport EXT EGTE
FZO Filton Filton Airport FZO EGTG
GLO Gloucester Gloucestershire Airport GLO EGBJ
HUY Humberside Humberside Airport HUY EGNJ
ILY Islay Glenegedale Airport ILY EGPI
INV Inverness Inverness Airport INV EGPE
IOM Isle Of Man Ronaldsway Airport IOM EGNS
ISC Isles Of Scilly St. Mary's Airport ISC EGHE
KOI Kirkwall Kirkwall Airport KOI EGPA
LDY Derry City of Derry Airport LDY EGAE
LEQ Lands End Lands End Airport LEQ EGHC
LSI Shetland Islands Sumburgh Airport LSI EGPB
LYX Lydd Lydd International Airport LYX EGMD
MME Durham Tees Valley Durham Tees Valley Airport MME EGNV
MSE Manston Kent International Airport MSE EGMH
NDY Sanday Sanday Airport NDY
NQY Newquay St Mawgan Airport NQY EGDG
NRL North Ronaldsay North Ronaldsay Airport NRL EGEN
NWI Norwich Norwich Airport NWI EGSH
OXF Oxford London Oxford Airport OXF EGTK
PIK Glasgow Prestwick Airport PIK EGPK
PLH Plymouth Plymouth Airport PLH EGDB
PPW Papa Westray Papa Westray Airport PPW
PZE Penzance Penzance Airport PZE EGHK
SEN Southend London Southend Airport SEN EGMC
SOY Stronsay Stronsay Airport SOY EGER
SYY Stornoway, Outer Stat Hebrides Stornoway Airport SYY EGPO
TRE Tiree, Inner Hebrides Tiree Airport TRE EGPU
TSO Isles Of Scilly Tresco Airport TSO EGHT
WIC Wick Wick Airport WIC EGPC
WRY Westray Westray Airport WRY EGEW

Other Airports

Airport Code City Airport Name IATA Code ICAO Code
ADX Saint Andrews Leuchars Airport ADX EGQL
AYH Alconbury Royal Air Force Station AYH
BBP Bembridge Bembridge Airport BBP EGHJ
BEQ Bury St. Edmunds Honington Airport BEQ
BEX Benson Royal Air Force Station BEX EGUB
BOL Bally Kelly Bally Kelly Airport BOL
BQH London Biggin Hill Airport BQH EGKB
BRF Bradford Bradford Airport BRF
BSH Brighton Brighton Airport BSH
BUT Burtonwood Burtonwood Airport
BWF Barrow-In-Furness Walney Island Airport BWF EGNL
BWY Woodbridge Bentwaters Street Airport BWY
CAX Carlisle Carlisle Airport CAX EGNC
COL Coll Island Coll Island Airport COL
CRN Cromarty Cromarty Airport CRN
CSA Colonsay Island Colonsay Island Airport CSA
CVT Coventry Baginton Airport CVT EGBE
DOC Dornoch Dornoch Airport DOC
EGAD Newtownards Newtownards EGAD
EGBD Derby Derby EGBD
EGBG Leicester Leicester EGBG
EGBM Tatenhill Tatenhill EGBM
EGBN Nottingham Nottingham EGBN
EGBO Wolverhampton Wolverhampton EGBO
EGBP Kemble Kemble EGBP
EGBS Shobdon Shobdon EGBS
EGBT Turweston Turweston EGBT
EGBW Warwick Wellesbourne Mountford EGBW
EGCB Manchester Barton EGCB
EGCD Manchester Woodford EGCD
EGCF Sandtoft Sandtoft EGCF
EGCJ Sherburn-In-Elmet Sherburn-In-Elmet EGCJ
EGCK Caernarfon Caernarfon EGCK
EGCL Fenland Fenland EGCL
EGCO Southport Birkdale Sands EGCO
EGCS Gainsborough Sturgate EGCS
EGCV Sleap Sleap EGCV
EGCW Welshpool Welshpool EGCW
EGDM Boscombe Down Boscombe Down EGDM
EGDN Netheravon Netheravon Army EGDN
EGDO Predannack Predannack Navy EGDO
EGDP Portland Portland Navy EGDP
EGDR Culdrose Culdrose Navy EGDR
EGDW Merryfield Merryfield Navy EGDW
EGDX St Athan St Athan Ab EGDX
EGEF Fair Isle Fair Isle EGEF
EGEP Papa Westray Papa Westray EGEP
EGER Stronsay Stronsay
EGES Sanday Sanday EGES
EGFP Pembrey Pembrey EGFP
EGHA Compton-Abbas Compton-Abbas EGHA
EGHG Yeovil Westland EGHG
EGHN Isle Of Wight Sandown EGHN
EGHO Thruxton Thruxton EGHO
EGHP Popham Popham EGHP
EGHS Henstridge Henstridge EGHS
EGHU Eaglescott Eaglescott EGHU
EGHY Truro Truro EGHY
EGKH Lashenden Headcorn EGKH
EGLA Bodmin Bodmin EGLA
EGLD Denham Denham EGLD
EGLG Panshanger Panshanger EGLG
EGLJ Chalgrove Chalgrove EGLJ
EGLM Maidenhead White Waltham EGLM
EGLS Old Sarum Old Sarum EGLS
EGMA Fowlmere Fowlmere EGMA
EGMJ Little Gransden Little Gransden EGMJ
EGNA Hucknall Hucknall EGNA
EGNB Brough Brough EGNB
EGNE Retford Gamston EGNE
EGNF Netherthorpe Netherthorpe EGNF
EGNO Warton Warton EGNO
EGNR Manchester Hawarden EGNR
EGNU Full Sutton Full Sutton EGNU
EGNW Langworth Wickenby EGNW
EGNY Beverley Linley Hill EGNY
EGOD Llanbedr Llanbedr Mod Pe EGOD
EGOE Ternhill Ternhill Ab EGOE
EGOQ Mona Mona Ab EGOQ
EGOS Shawbury Shawbury Ab EGOS
EGOV Valley Valley Airport VLY EGOV
EGOW Woodvale Woodvale Ab EGOW
EGOY West Freugh West Freugh Mod Pe EGOY
EGPG Cumbernauld Cumbernauld EGPG
EGSB Bedford Castle Mill EGSB
EGSD Great Yarmouth North Denes EGSD
EGSF Peterborough Conington EGSF
EGSG Stapleford Stapleford EGSG
EGSJ Seething Seething EGSJ
EGSL Andrewsfield Andrewsfield EGSL
EGSM Beccles Beccles EGSM
EGSN Bourn Bourn EGSN
EGSO Crowfield Crowfield EGSO
EGSP Peterborough Sibson EGSP
EGSQ Clacton Clacton EGSQ
EGSR Earls Colne Earls Colne EGSR
EGST Elmsett Elmsett EGST
EGSU Duxford Duxford EGSU
EGSV Old Buckenham Old Buckenham EGSV
EGSX North Weald North Weald EGSX
EGTB Wycombe Booker EGTB
EGTC Cranfield Cranfield EGTC
EGTD Dunsfold Dunsfold EGTD
EGTF Fairoaks Fairoaks EGTF
EGTP Perranporth Perranporth EGTP
EGTR Watford Elstree EGTR
EGTU Dunkeswell Dunkeswell EGTU
EGTW Oaksey Park Oaksey Park EGTW
EGUC Aberporth Aberporth Mod Pe EGUC
EGUO Colerne Colerne EGUO
EGUW Wattisham Wattisham Army EGUW
EGVP Middle Wallop Middle Wallop Army EGVP
EGWC Cosford Cosford Ab EGWC
EGWE Henlow Henlow Ab EGWE
EGWN Halton Halton Ab EGWN
EGXC Coningsby Coningsby Ab EGXC
EGXD Dishforth Dishforth Ab EGXD
EGXE Leeming Leeming Ab EGXE
EGXG Church Fenton Church Fenton Ab EGXG
EGXJ Cottesmore Cottesmore Ab EGXJ
EGXN Newton Newton Ab EGXN
EGXT Wittering Wittering Ab EGXT
EGXZ Topcliffe Topcliffe Ab EGXZ
EGYC Coltishall Coltishall Ab CLF EGYC
EGYD Cranwell Cranwell Ab EGYD
EGYE Barkston Heath Barkston Heath Ab EGYE
EGYM Marham Marham Ab EGYM
ENK Enniskillen Saint Angelo Airport ENK EGAB
ESH Shoreham By Sea Shoreham Airport ESH EGKA
EWY Newbury Greenham Royal Air Force EWY
FAB Farnborough Farnborough Airport FAB EGLF
FEA Fetlar Fetlar Airport FEA
FFD Fairford Royal Air Force Station FFD
FIE Fair Isle Fair Isle Airport FIE
FKH Fakenham Sculthorp Royal Air Force FKH
FLH Flotta Flotta Airport FLH
FOA Foula Foula Airport FOA
FSS Forres Kinloss Airport FSS EGQK
FWM Fort William Fort WilliamHeliport FWM
GQJ Machrihanish Machrihanish Airport GQJ
GSY Grimsby Binbrook Airport GSY
HAW Haverfordwest Haverfordwest Airport HAW EGFE
HEN Hendon Hendon Airport
HLY Holyhead Holyhead Airport HLY
HOY Hoy Island Hoy Island Airport HOY
HRT Harrogate Linton-On-Ouse Airport HRT EGXU
HTF Hatfield Hatfield Airport HTF
HUW Kirmington Humberside International Airport
HYC High Wycombe High Wycombe Airport HYC
IPW Ipswich Ipswich Airport IPW
KNF Kings Lynn Marham Royal Air Force KNF
KRH Redhill Redhill KRH EGKR
KYN Milton Keynes Milton Keynes Central Station KYN
LKZ Brandon Lakenheath RAF LKZ EGUL
LMO Lossiemouth Royal Air Force Station LMO EGQS
LPH Lochgilphead Lochgilphead Heliport LPH
LWK Shetland Islands Lerwick/Tingwall Airport LWK EGET
LYE Lyneham Royal Air Force Station LYE EGDL
MHZ Mildenhall Mildenhall Airport MHZ EGUN
NHT Northolt Northolt Airport NHT EGWU
NQT Nottingham Nottingham Airport NQT
OBN Oban Connel Airport OBN
ODH Odiham Royal Air Force Station ODH EGVO
OHP Oban Oban Heliport OHP
OKH Oakham Cottesmor Royal Air Force OKH
ORM Northampton Northampton Airport ORM EGBK
OUK Outer Skerries Outer Skerries Airport OUK
PME Portsmouth Portsmouth Airport PME
PSL Perth Perth International Airport PSL EGPT
PSV Papa Stour Papa Stour Airport PSV
QLA Lasham Lasham QLA EGHL
QQM Manchester Manchester Piccadilly QQM
QQP London London Paddington QQP
QUG Chichester Goodwood QUG EGHR
RAY Rothsay Rothsay Heliport RAY
RCS Rochester Rochester Airport RCS EGTO
SCS Shetland Islands Scatsta Airport SCS EGPM
SKL Isle of Skye Broadford Airport SKL
SQZ Scampton Royal Air Force Station SQZ
SWI Swindon Swindon Airport SWI
SWS Swansea Fairwood Comm Airport SWS EGFH
SZD Sheffield Sheffield City Airport SZD EGSY
TTK Tottenham Hale Station Tottenham Hale Station TTK
UHF Upper Heyford Upper Heyford RAF Station UHF
ULL Mull Mull Airport ULL
UNT Unst Shetland Is State Baltasound Airport UNT EGPW
UPV Upavon Upavon Airport UPV EGDJ
WEM West Malling West Malling Airport WEM
WFD Woodford Woodford Airport WFD
WHS Whalsay Whalsay Airport WHS EGEH
WOB Suttonheath Woodbridge RAF WOB
WTN Waddington Royal Air Force Station WTN EGXW
WXF Braintree Wether Field Royal Air Force WXF
YEO Yeovilton Yeovilton Airport YEO EGDY

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