Primary Passenger Airport

Airport Code City Airport Name IATA Code ICAO Code
NAS Nassau Nassau International Airport NAS MYNN

Small Passenger Airports

Airport Code City Airport Name IATA Code ICAO Code
ASD Andros Town Andros Town Airport ASD MYAF
AXP Spring Point Springpoint Airport AXP MYAP
BIM Bimini Bimini International Airport BIM MYBS
CCZ Chub Cay Chub Cay Airport CCZ MYBC
CRI Crooked Island Crooked Island Airport CRI MYCI
ELH North Eleuthera North Eleuthera International Airport ELH MYEH
FPO Freeport Grand Bahama International Airport FPO MYGF
GGT George Town Exuma International Airport GGT MYEF
IGA Inagua Inagua Airport IGA MYIG
LGI Deadmans Cay Deadmans Cay Airport LGI MYLD
MHH Marsh Harbour Marsh Harbour International Airport MHH MYAM
MYG Mayaguana Mayaguana Airport MYG MYMM
RSD Rock Sound South Eleuthera Airport RSD MYER
SML Stella Maris Estate Airstrip SML MYLS
TBI The Bight The Bight Airport TBI
TCB Treasure Cay Treasure Cay Airport TCB MYAT
ZSA San Salvador San Salvador Airport ZSA MYSM

Other Airports

Airport Code City Airport Name IATA Code ICAO Code
CAT Cat Island Cat Island Airport CAT MYCB
CEL Cape Eleuthera Cape Eleuthera Airport CEL
COX Congo Town Congo Town Airport COX MYAK
CXY Cat Cays Cat Cays Airport CXY
DCT Duncan Town Duncan Town Airport DCT
GBI Grand Bahama Aux Ab Airport GBI
GHC Great Harbour Great Harbour Airport GHC MYBG
GTC Green Turtle Green Turtle Airport GTC
HBI Harbour Island Harbour Island Airport HBI
MAY Mangrove Cay Mangrove Cay Airport MAY
MSK Mastic Point Mastic Point Airport MSK
MYAB Andros I Bain MYAB
MYAS Abaco Island Sandy Point Apt MYAS
MYBS Bimini I South Bimini
NSB Bimini North Seaplane Base NSB
PID Nassau Paradise Island Airport PID MYPI
PPO Powell Point Powell Point Airport PPO
PWN Pitts Town Pitts Town Airport PWN
RCY Rum Cay Rum Cay Airport RCY
SAQ San Andros San Andros Airport SAQ MYAN
TYM Staniel Cay Staniel Cay Airport TYM MYES
TZN South Andros South Andros Airport TZN
WKR Walkers Cay Walkers Cay Airport WKR
WTD West End West End Airport WTD
WZY Nassau Paradise Island-Seaplane Base WZY

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